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The relationship between the owner of the property and the occupier is crucial to the working of the property market in general. The obligations of original lessees have now been reduced or removed in many circumstances because of recent legislation and the new position on alienation has become fairly well established. The Government continues to apply considerable pressure in order to achieve changes in the standard upward only rent reviews on institutional leases and there are signs that this, too, is having an impact, although some of this may well be due to the clear need of the market for more flexibility in letting terms in the Manchester area.

Attempts have also been made to clarify the position of both landlord and tenant at the end of the lease in relation to any reparations required to the building. The Dilapidations Protocol agreed between the main industry bodies is having an impact and good advice in this regard both at the beginning and at the end of leases is absolutely essential if parties positions are to be properly protected. We carry out a considerable amount of work in preparing Schedules of Condition and Dilapidations and working through the latter to agree settlements. If, acting on behalf of the Landlord, it is usually possible to obtain proper compensation for buildings left in disrepair in Manchester, at the end of leases and, when acting for the Tenant, to ensure that payments which have to be made are there and not excessive.

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